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Yoga is always a smart idea if you want to move your body and clear your thoughts - all you need is a soft surface and some time. Our skilled yoga professionals can help you to adopt an excellent detox therapy that helps you to stay healthy

Human body is a priceless gift given by God.

The body continues to work 24 hours a day, even when we are asleep. Therefore accumulation of dirt inside the body is a natural process. Most of the dirt accumulates in only three parts of our body. The first is inside the nose above the neck, the second is in the lungs and stomach, the third is the small intestine, the large intestine, and the rectum. There are some processes in yoga called detoxification (SHATKARMA)to get rid of the accumulated dirt i.e. toxins inside the body.


The names of ShatKarma are as follows

1- Neiti
2- Dhauti
3- Vasti
4- Nauli
5- Kapalbhati
6- Tratak

There is a yogic process to cleanse the full body completely in one go, which is called Shankh Prakshalan. Just like we get our car serviced, in the same way we can service our human body by washing conch shells twice a year. Consider the way we heat milk in a vessel at night and when we see the vessel in the morning, something white sticks to its bottom like cream, similarly our body which keeps on eating something or the other throughout the day and we They never clean it completely, they are satisfied with what they get.


What is Shankh Prakshalan?

Shankh Prakshalan is the process of cleaning from the mouth to the anus, in this, heat about 20 liters of water, mix salt in it and drink two glasses of water, after doing some yogi asanas, then go to the toilet, after that come again and drink two glasses of water. Then do the asanas and go to the toilet, this action is repeated again and again. After some time, after about 2 hours, the same type of water starts coming out of the body as we drink and without any asanas even after doing. After this, rest for 1 hour, after that make thin khichdi without salt, at least 100 to 150 grams of ghee is mixed in it, and after drinking it, rest again 4 hours. To do this process takes 8 hours. Shankh Prakshalan is performed twice a year before the onset of winter and before the onset of summer. By doing Shankh prakshalan twice a year, no disease enters the body for the whole year and our body is filled with immune system. This activity should be done only in the presence of a yoga guru.


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