The meaning of “ANUVRATYOG” Anuvratyog is a compound of three words anu+vrat+yog ‘ANU’ means small,little ‘VRAT’ means promise, determination ‘YOG’ means total health (like physical, mental and spiritual health) Yoga isn't a religion. It's a wisdom, wisdom of well- being, wisdom of youthfulness, wisdom of integrating body, mind and soul.” Anuvratyog was established in 2002 and got registered with"Anuvratyog sadhna Samiti"in 2014. It was set-up byR.D. Shukla, to provide a place to the applicants for spiritual practices in a healthy and serene terrain and in an atmosphere that's veritably helpful and effective in learning and rehearsing yoga.R.D. Shukla is graduate in NDDY (Diploma in Naturopathy & Yoga) and is a traditional yoga and contemplation expert.